Monday, 28 October 2013

Alfie's Christmas list.. So far

As this is our first Christmas as a family, I want to make it extra special for my little man. He will be nearly 8months at Christmas so he won't know exactly what's going on but I'll be taking millions of pictures to show him when he does understand about Christmas. My dad is a massive lover of all things Christmas, his house is like santas grotto at Christmas and it really is lovely. He has a massive 8ft tree in the corner of the living room, decorated with twinkly lights and glittery baubles. Not forgetting the TINSEL, he puts it everywhere at Christmas! He loves the stuff. As I've been bought up with this Christmas crazy man I also now love to make a massive effort too. I know Alfie might try pull the tree down but I want everything to be so festive minus all the bloomin tinsel! 

As far as Christmas presents are concerned I obviously want to spoil my Alfie but he won't remember so I'm trying to get things he needs. I have a few things in mind at the moment; 

Rocking giraffe 
My lovely friend Kelly has this giraffe for her little girl, I've been looking at the ones from mamas and papas but this little fella is a little cheaper and he's more colourful. It's intended for 18month+ but we will obviously supervise and hold him whiles he's on it until he's old enough to do it himself. 

LoveKeepCreate teddy 
I have been looking at these for ages, they are little teddies made from your babies old sleepsuits. I have a couple of sleepsuits that I want to keep (this first sleepsuit& his coming home outfit) so I need to have a sort out and decide which ones I want to keep and to make into a little keepsake. I'll end up with a few sleepsuits in a carrier bag in the bottom of the wardrobe if I don't get them made into something. It's a brilliant idea 

Baby walker 
My dad has been saying he wants to buy a walker for Alfie and we was looking at some together and we came across this one. It lights up and makes noises so it's perfect to keep your baby entertained. Alfie is so bored of everything he has now and I think he would love trying to move around in this! 

No added sugar boys clothing 
I found this website when I was browsing the internet for baby clothes. There clothes look fantastic quality but do have a hefty price tag. I fell in love with these trousers, they look so comfy. They do these in a range of colours and I do want them all but at £32-00 each I won't be able to do that! I could easily spend over £100 on a couple of bits from there website! 

What's on all your babies Christmas lists? 


  1. I love the cuddly toy made from old sleepsuits, adorable! What a lovely keepsake. Just trying to do Eliot's Wishlist this may have to be added! x

    1. They are so cute :-) be so cute to have something to keep forever :-)

  2. Awww lovely! We have very similar tastes - I also want a rocker, the walker and a teddy made of old sleepsuits for Tyne for Christmas hehe!