Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas 2014

Eeeeeeek. I'm so excited to be writing about Christmas, even though I must admit that it doesnt seem a year that I wrote my last Christmas themed blog posts! 

Alfie is older this year (obviously) so is now paying more attention to all the Christmas decorations in the shops and the songs on the tele. He is so in love with the Christmas trees and lights- he just sits and stares up at them. They are mesmerising, I still find the lights amazing at 23 years old. 

I've bought him two christmas books so far- Peppas Christmas wish and dear Santa. He loves peppa so I knew it would be a hit and he adores dear zoo so I know he would love this Christmas flap book even more! 

He can say Santa & Christmas and does seem to get excited when we read his Christmas books to him. We have also been getting into the Christmas spirit by making cards for our close family and friends! He didn't enjoy it as much as I did!! 

I'm not very organised this Christmas, I have lots more to get but I love the Christmas rush so that's fine with me. 

Michael bublĂ© is joining us in the car starting today- it's defiantly Christmas when he gets in the car with us! 

Is everyone sorted for Christmas? Or are you a last minute Christmas shopper? 


  1. Aww your cards are so cute, we are going to be making christmas cards next week too x

  2. Love the Dear Santa book too! Not at all sorted for Christmas yet! X