Monday, 15 September 2014

Open letter to Alfie- 16month update

Hello baby boy!'s mummy!! 

I haven't wrote a letter on here for a long while but you know mummy hasn't been very well. And you've been an absolute diamond. Your a very special little boy and blessing to me. You've made me happy and got me through each day when I felt like I couldn't. You made me strong and put the smile back on my face, you cheeky monkey! 

You've changed a lot since the last update on here, it's been 5months! You are a very active little boy- walking, running and jumping everywhere. Your so quick at running and you actually can run quicker than mummy and daddy sometimes. Your favourite place is the park and we take your football and you run around for hours. You loves the swings and slides at the park and we've had quite a few tantrums when we've had to go home for tea recently. Cheeky!! 

You go up the stairs by yourself and come down on your bum. Even though it's scary for me, you know what your doing and are so very proud and have a massive smile on your face. 

You are a friendly little boy and everyone we meet says your a gorgeous boy with a cheeky smile and a funny personality. It makes me very proud to know that everyone thinks your a star. No one can be more proud than I am of you! 

You spend the weekend with your daddy and love it. As soon as you see him your face lights up. You love it at his house now as your cousin Oliver lives there and you love spending time with your baby cousin. 

Mummy and daddy have been getting on very well and spending a lot of time together. You are so happy and excited when we all go out for tea. You constantly have a massive smile on your face and mummy and daddy are very happy too. Me and daddy have planned lots of days out for me, you and him and we can't wait to do them with you.  

Love you lots 


  1. This such a beautiful letter hun I hope you are doing well I am thinking of you xx

  2. Lovely letter, it's nice to here that mummy and daddy have been getting on better x I have nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award :) Check out my blog to see what it's about x