Monday, 8 September 2014

What kind of parent am I?

Recently I did a quiz on Facebook about what kind of mother I am. I know it's not accurate and no one can tell you what kind of parent you are from answering a few questions but it made me wonder.. What kind of mother am I? 

This quiz told me that I'm the sort of mother that wraps their child in cotton wool and try's everything in my power to protect my baby from harm. But what sort of mother am I and want to be in the future? 

When I was pregnant I thought I would be the laid back parent and let Alfie get what he wants, to a certain degree it's true. I do spoil him but I do know when to stop. I don't go over the top. When he shouts at me for chocolate in the morning, I give in? And give him 2 squares of white chocolate. Does that make me a bad parent? I don't believe anyone is a bad parent if your child is happy and healthy. I know when to say no, and if he does something I don't agree with then- he does get told. 

I wonder what I'll be like when he's at school, primary and secondry. Am I going to be the mum that's embarrassing and makes him give me a kiss before he goes into school and the mum that shouts and screams at the football match to encourage him. Probably yes! 

I will try to be laid back but teach him the right and wrongs. The way I parent will obviously change with what happens in his life but I'll do my best to bring him up to be happy with himself and treat people with respect. I will try to protect him from harm but I won't wrap him in cotton wool, I believe they all need their own room to grow into their own person. 

He already is a very kind hearted boy and likes to look after his baby cousin, he gives kisses and cuddles. He's my little star and I'm very proud of him and his little personality.

You never know what will happen in the future.. 
All I know is that I love my baby more than anything, and whatever I do is in his best interest. I just hope that whatever happens, he's proud to have me as a mummy even if I embarras him in front of his friends when he's older. :)


  1. Its clear to see you adore him and I always find thats one of the most important things when it comes to your baby :) you already are a fantastic mum and you will continue to be so!

    That picture is sooo adorable! He looks so much like you :D x

  2. You are a great mummy and love him to pieces and that's the most important thing xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  3. He is such a gorgeous little boy! It's clear you adore him and who cares what type of parent you are! Parent how you want too :) it's you that has to deal with the backlash xx

  4. It's obvious that you are a great Mummy and no matter you're approach, I'm sure you will continue to be the very best Mum that you can be :) x

  5. After 3 children now I have realised you will be the type of parent you will be and that's it! I am forever changing as a parent to fit our changing lives. If you give him chocolate in the morning... Lucky him! Nothing wrong with that! You will be a great parent I am sure. And Alfie is adorable :)! He has those plump cheeks you wanna just grab! lol

  6. He is so gorgeous, I think our expectations when pregnant are never the same when they are born. I'm very laid back which can have the opposite effect sometimes people give me funny looks as I watch on as they climb higher than they should or other things lol. Thanks for joining in with the Sunday round up ��