Monday, 11 November 2013

Open letter to Alfie.

To Alfie, 

Your 6months now, that's half a year old. Another 6months and you will be one year! Time is going way to fast, but I do love watching you grow and develop into the lovely baby boy you are. You have a lovely personality, cheeky and funny. Your so good, well you always have been anyway. You do like to squeal and shout about now that you've found out your mouth makes noises. No words have yet been said but I know it's only a matter of time.

You are teething but you don't seem to be too bothered by it. Your first tooth cut through a couple of weeks ago and now you have a second making it's appearance slowly right next to your other one. We use teething gel every now and again but like I said it doesn't seem to bother you but I don't really want you in pain! You just like to nibble on everything. You have a rusk at dinner time now, which is very messy but you seem to enjoy it. You prefer the banana flavoured ones, the original ones were abit plain for you. 

As far as the weaning is concerned your still not too bothered, we give you a pouch at tea time when me and daddy have our tea. You do prefer the fruit ones though, we tried you with a chicken and vegetable one and you didn't like it at all. We will try putting food in front of you soon and see how that goes. You always want to grab food off mummy and daddys plates at tea time so I think you'll soon get the hang of it. 

Your starting to move around a lot more now. You get into the crawling position but when you go to move you fall in a heap. You'll get there very soon, your so determined. You did manage to wiggle away from daddy to find me in the bathroom when I was having a bath yesterday which was abit of a surprise when I turned round and you was looking at me from the living room door. Your such a funny boy and you know how to make mummy and daddy laugh. You still love being on your feet so you now have a baby walker which you love and keeps you occupied for ages! 

You love your baths, you love them even more now, I only fill it up a little bit and you get to lay there kicking your legs and splashing. The bathroom floor gets very wet after this but you really enjoy yourself. 

Mummy took you to get weighed this week and you are now 18lb7oz! Your wearing 3-6month clothes now, you still wear the odd 0-3 in some bits of clothing. Your legs are long but your skinny so it's hard to find things to fit perfectly. You are starting to fill out now though so your clothes won't look like they drown you soon. 

It is Christmas soon little man, your first Christmas. Mummy has given Santa a few present ideas, I can't wait to spend my first Christmas with you. I know your going to love all the lights and decorations. 

Love you lots baby boy 
From Mummy xx


  1. hi emma, just thought id stop and say hello.. i found your blog through apinchofshaz and have been looking for other blogs to follow :)
    your little boy is so cute.. love his sleepsuit its gorgeous! x

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