Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

It's been quite a hard task for me to think about what I want this Christmas, I spend all my money on Alfie and I have got used to not buying anything for myself so I feel quilty asking for things but I've been told that I have to think of something. 
I've managed to come up with a few things that I would love to see under my Christmas tree this year..

Not so plain jane- pink lining change bag:
At the moment my changing bag is an oversized tote bag, it was fabulous to start with. It looks expensive but it's not practical! It has no compartments so I lose everything! I can never find my keys or my phone as they fall to the bottom and Alfie nappies always get screwed up in the bottom of the bag and I've finally had enough. Before blogging I didn't know about pink lining changing bags! So now I'm desperate for one, they look amazing and very strong and sturdy which is essential now Alfie is getting older and I have to take everything out with me!! I'm not so keen on the 'yummy mummy and cupcake' motif so I've opted for the plain jane! It's more me! 

Pandora charms: 
I love my pandora so much, I've worn it every since I got bought it 3years ago at Christmas and it very rarely comes off! I even wore it giving birth. Every Christmas I get a charm or two and this year won't be any different. I love all of the charms so it's quite hard for me to narrow it down to a few but I'm manage to chose a couple! The ones I've chosen are new for Christmas, I chose a candy cane one and a mittens one. Perfect to remember my special Christmas with my baby boy. 

I love taking pictures of my baby boy (if you follow me on Instagram you will know this) and I would love a good camera to do so! I use my iPhone which is good for everyday use but I would love to have a better camera so I can take more 'professional' photos. My sister has one as she did GCSE photography at school, I used to always borrow it to go to the park and take pictures. I find it very therapeutic especially in autumn and winter. The good ones are expensive so I don't know if I will end up getting one anytime soon but a girl can dream! 

What do you all have on your Christmas lists? Do you want anything that I have said? 

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  1. I'm the same, rather spend my money on Eliot! I do need a new camera though as mine broke x