Saturday, 9 November 2013

Nappykind- Review

If you know Alfie& I you will know that Alfie is starting to try and crawl. He is getting on all four to go but falls when starting to move. He rolls all over the floor so what a perfect way to protect his little knees by trying out the NappyKind leg warmers. 

On first impressions, I was very impressed. The leg warmers and leggings are very thick so perfect for crawling babies! They are made very well and they come in so many different colours that they go with ANYTHING! 

Alfie loves them as they don't restrict his movement. He can roll over, try to crawl to his heart content. Where as jeans& chinos restrict movement. 

The leg warmers are so thick and warm that they will keep your babies legs warm and toasty under there clothes these freezing winter months.

Alfie is so wiggley when I'm changing his nappy now because he wants to be on the move all the time so the leg warmers are perfect for quick Nappy changes.

Absolutely brilliant product, recommend to anyone who has little ones. 

*i bought these NappyKind products at a discounted price for the purpose of this review

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