Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A- Z of me!

I was tagged by Jo- NotAFrumpyMum to do this tag so here goes; 

A - Alfie, my beautiful boy. He was a surprise but an amazing one. Can't imagine my life without him! 

B - Barbie, this was my nickname when I first started hairdressing. I was a typical hairdresser- bright white hair, extensions and fake tan! Gosh, how times change eyy! I also had a boyfriend called Kennie at this point too, we were known as Barbie and Ken!

C- Coffee, I used to drink so much of this before I was pregnant and completely went off. I still can't stand the smell 8months after having Alfie and now only drink tea. 

D- Dad, he is the most amazing person I know. He bought me and my two sisters up as a single dad. Couldn't ask for anyone better. 

E - Emma, is my name obvs! 

F - Family, I love my family and my new little family. I never take them for granted as after having Alfie my only good friends are through a computer screen! 

G - Gardening- bloody hate doing it! FACT

H - Hairdressing, my profession. I have been a hairdresser since I was 17, so nearly 6years. And I love it. 

I - Ice cream,  I love the stuff. I can eat it if it's hot or cold. Obsessed with the stuff! 

J - Jewels, there was a time I would wear a necklace, bracelet and rings but now I just stick with my pandora bracelet. I love it and never take it off!

K - Kisses, Alfie has learnt how to give kisses, it's so sweet! 

L - Love, I love my family! 

M - Mum, I'm a mum and I love it. I want more babies, just need to convince the boyfriend!! 

N - Nicole, my sister. She is a year& 3months younger than me. She's always been there and we get on so well (now we don't live together!) 

O - onion, I love it! I would have it with everything (savoury) if I could! 

P - Pictures, I am so obsessed with pictures- it's abit ridiculous really. Our house is covered in pictures but I love looking at them so that's where they will stay! 

Q - Quilt- I love my bed and my quilt is so soft and snugly.. Ooh I want to go to bed now just thinking about it! 

R - Reception class, my first ever memory is being in the first ever class at primary school. I used to love the quiet corner and fell asleep in it on many occasions! 

S - silly, I can be abit silly sometimes. Alfie has this really funny face when I do something silly asif to say 'what are you doing mum' 

T - Tea, I drink so much it's ridiculous. I drink it all day! 

U - Uni, I dream of going to uni and doing midwifey. I WILL be a midwife one day, even if I'm old! 

V - Vodka- urgh, I hate alcohol! It's minging, and tastes vile.

W - Winter- my fave time of the year. I love snuggling in front of the fire, candles lit under a blanket. 

X - X? .. What word even begins with X? No idea.. 

Y - Yolk- I love the yolk of eggs, my dad used to just give me the yolks of his eggs and he would have my whites haha!! 

Z - Zach, my boyfriend. Love this guy lots! 

That's me!! 

I tag anybody who wants to do this!! Make sure you let me know when you've done it, I would love a nosey! 


  1. Aww so cute Alfie has learnt to give kisses, can't wait for Eliot to do it :) x

  2. New reader to your blog & love it :)
    Ive just done a A-Z post and have linked your post.
    Lucy x