Saturday, 21 December 2013

Alfie 8month update.

The time is going way to quick, I know I say this everytime I do an update but seriously how on earth has 8months flown by since I gave birth to my son?! It certainly doesn't feel like nearly 8months ago and I suppose I'm in shock really. Alfie seems to learn something new everyday! 

Physically, his development is very well for his age. He crawls, very fast! I seem to be chasing after him all day and don't really get 5mins to sit down as he is on he move all the time! He follows me everywhere now, i'll turn round and he'll be sat at my feet. He pulls himself up on the furniture from a crawling position onto his knees and starting to stand up with the furniture too now. He will walk if we hold his hands, very slow but he is taking steps. He can go from a crawling position to sitting up very easily. 

He lives in his walker at the moment, he loves standing and moving around the room. He does try and follow us in it but he gets stuck at the door. 

He shouts mama and dada constantly, and it seems to get louder when we are out anywhere. He points at things but can only say mama and dada so everything is called that! He gives us kisses if we ask and sometimes screams if we ask too! He's such a boy already. 

He's always been a mummy and daddys boy and wouldn't go to anyone else and would scream. The last couple of months he is more trusting with others and crawls up to them and will smile. We were out for tea yesterday and he kept turning round in his highchair to look at an old couple having there tea! He is quite a nosey boy like his mummy! 

He is just about to go into 6-9clothes now, he's already in his 6-9 Jeans but still 3-6tops. He has a small torso and longer legs. 

We are weaning, he has solids at teatime and we often try at dinner. He is never really bothered about dinner, he just seems to want a bottle but he does have a yogurt for breakfast. 

I'm sure he is getting another tooth coming through, lots of dribble and moaning. He doesn't seem to sleep that well at the moment and has ended up in bed with me a few nights past few weeks. 

I'm very much looking forward to Christmas with my gorgeous boy! 

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  1. Aw bless him, gorgeous photo! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. You've changed the layout of your blog haven't you? It's looking beautiful!xx