Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Beebies Wishlist

When I first came across beebies on twitter I was so impressed, they stock lots of different brands and lots of gorgeous bits for mummy and baby. 

Ami who runs beebies is also lovely, and she's there if you need to ask about products and just to have a general chat with!

Ami has given us all the chance to win our beebies wishlist up to the value of £100, how nice is that? Just in time for Christmas too! 

It's been quite hard to pick products up to the value of £100 because they're so many lovely bits but I've found the perfect present for Alfie from beebies. I know Alfie will love it.

It is this little beauty- the Nattou Cappucino Rocker. It is expensive but you can see why, it's gorgeous sorry my phone is abit rubbish and I couldn't get the picture clearer! 

I love the colours and it's so sweet. I have fell in love with it!! 

I've been wanting a rocker for a while for Alfie now, all the ones I've come across are either to expensive or not worth the money that they are selling for. 

The colour of this rocker are the colours I've chosen for Alfie's nursery so he would take pride of place in the nursery and fit in perfectly with everything we have already bought!

Thank you to Ami for this fab chance to win our wishlist. 

Have #averybeebieschristmas everyone :-) 

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