Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Alfie's favourite things

Alfie is now showing signs of liking and disliking different things and isn't shy on telling you if he doesn't want things.. He will say no, shake his head or chuck it on the floor. 

Food/ drink- 
He has been very fussy with his food lately, he isn't keen on gravy dinner and it always ends up on the floor. He would prefer chips/ onion rings.. With chicken/ fish fingers. His all time favourite food is pasta! He always gobbles it up in record time and doesn't leave any.. Literally none AT ALL! He is also in love with fruit, the favourites in our house are bananas, strawberries, raspberries, grapes and blueberries. He likes tomatoes and cucumber too so I tend to give him a lot of salad with his meals. He has a lot of yogurt too.
He drinks a lot of juice, he loves every flavour really and doesn't really show a preference for a certain juice. 

He hates being sat down for too long as he prefers to be wandering around.. But when he does play he likes his car garage.. And he likes pushing his monkey around in his walker. I think he would love a little pushchair to put his monkey in. 

He LOVES dancing, he dances to any bit of music he can hear. I listen to pop music and 50s/60s. He loves both and gets his boogy on. He's a right little mover! 

He prefers to be active than stay in so I would have to say his favourite activity would be the park. He giggles on the swings and screams 'weeeeeee' on the slide and he loves the open space to run around in. We go to the park about 3 times a week, it won't be that much anymore as the colder weather is now coming. I want to get him some wellies, he would love jumping up and down in puddles!! :) 

Tv programme- 
He doesn't sit still long enough to watch a whole show but he does like Peppa pig, Fireman Sam, Noddy, in the night garden and Mister Maker. 

Favourite time of the day- 
He likes meal times as he loves his food! Little chunk.  

Favourite animal- 
He's learnt how to say cat and we do have millions of cats that live surrounding us. They're taking over our estate! No word of a lie! Haha. He stands at the patio waiting for next doors cat to come in the garden and gets so very excited when he does. He loves watching the bird table from the patio door too. 

His favourite things change on a regular basis, but he's a toddler and they're fussy little things. His favourite food will probably change next week and he'll probably never play with his car garage again. That's toddlers for you!

Does your little one have any favourites like Alfie? :)


  1. That's so adorable about his dancing my brother is the same, kids are SO cute xx


  2. My girls love Motown music! As soon as any songs come on they start jiggling around!

  3. He sounds like the cutest baby ever! I love how he loves to push his monkey around.

  4. I can not believe how big he has got!! Sounds like he has a healthy appetite and a perfect balance of different foods! Love the fact that he dances to music!!

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x